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With a focus on providing premium Australian macadamia nut products to the market the Nutworks team has what it takes to ensure the finest natural materials supplied by our farmers are processed with the care and attention they deserve.

We know growing macadamias is a labour of love for our growers who work in Australia’s most fertile regions of the Sunshine Coast region; Gympie region; Bundaberg and Childers regions and Northern NSW.

Whether it’s during the growing, harvesting, de-husking or drying process, we work with our farmers to ensure the path to processing is clearly defined.

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Our Growers

We work with 50+ local amazing farmers across the region. Our farming families uphold the highest possible standards to ensure our native Australian macadamias are always high quality.

The Thomas Family

James and Aimee Thomas and their four young boys made the transition from cotton to macadamia growing in 2013. In the short time since they bought their orchard “Falkirk Farm” near Gympie in Queensland, they have become passionate advocates of our native Aussie nut.

“Fundamentally, we believe macadamias as a food source have so much potential. We have been on somewhat of a journey in rediscovering what ‘real whole food’ is and why and how you should eat it.”

The Anderson Family

The Anderson Family has been farming in the Childers area since 1899 and are proud to have the 6th generation of family working on the farm.  They entered the macadamia industry in 2016 when they planted their first block of trees and have continued to plant trees from their own nursery each year.  As of 2022 they have approximately 55,000 trees in the ground with plans to continue the expansion.  Nutworks is grateful for the ongoing support of the Anderson Family.  They have supplied excellent quality macadamias from some of the best soils in the Childers region and we are proud to have them part of our Nutworks family.

The Johnson Family

Ian and Candy bought the 60 ha orchard ‘Downsfield’ in 2015 after emigrating from the UK where they both had a background in agriculture. Ian described their farm as an ‘old orchard’ and says it was with the help of industry professionals and other successful growers which helped them identify the areas of their orchard which needed working on. Tree height issues were addressed, irrigation upgraded and tree health and orchard floor rejuvenation was undertaken to turn the Downsfield into the highly productive orchard it is today. Ian and Candy have been supplying Nutworks for a number of years now and enjoy the open and trustful relationship that has developed over that time.

The Blanco Family

Daniel, a life long farmer, and Belinda met in Ingham where she worked in childcare before moving to Tully. After running beef cattle, growing bananas and Daniel spending 22 thousand hours harvesting sugarcane, the Blancos escaped the wild weather of north Queensland and bought their first macadamia orchard from Ian McConachie in Wolvi in 2013. Daniel and Belinda fell in love with the South East of the state and found it the ideal place for work life balance, raising their family and growing their business. They now farm around 50 thousand trees and still planting and in 2020 Daniel and Belinda won the AMS Innovation of the Year award for their mobile infield de-husking and sorting plant. The Blancos have been supplying Nutworks for the last four years now and enjoy the ease and accessibility in dealing with the company

The Fullerton Family

The Fullerton family are an institution in the agricultural history of the Glasshouse Mountains region. The family has been farming in this area since 1914 and four generations later they are still going strong. The family planted their first macadamias in 1996 after decades of pineapple, citrus and watermelon farming and have been supplying Nutworks since 2002. Brothers Chris, Scott, Ken and cousin Robert recently added another two more macadamia orchards to the family business, now having over 200 ha of macadamias in production as well as significant pineapple holdings.

The Fullertons are proud promoters of Nutworks as an Australian owned, local processor providing jobs for many on the Sunshine Coast.

The Davis Family

Gary and Julie, former grain farmers from the Darling Downs, bought their Donnybrook farm in 1996, after family members endorsed the macadamia growing lifestyle. The 14 ha orchard was planted in 1998/99 and Gary and Julie became one of the original Nutworks grower suppliers when their orchard started producing in 2003. Gary and Julie are proud ambassadors for Nutworks with whom they have built a strong relationship with over the last 19 years. We were extremely pleased for them when they won the Australian Macadamia Society’s Growers of the Year Award in 2019 after growing over 7.3 tonnes of NIS to the hectare.

Mitchell Davis worked on a number of large orchards in the Gympie region before partnering with his parents to buy a 4600 tree orchard, just to the east of Gympie. 

Grower Services

Nutworks is currently in a steady growth phase and we are proud to be working with over 80 macadamia growers from Lismore, Glasshouse Mountains, Gympie and Bundaberg regions.

Our grower services include general agronomic and entomology information and specialised pollination advice.

Our two grower liaison officers have over 35 years of experience in the industry between them.

The Nutworks facility in Bundaberg offers dehusking, sorting, and transport coordination to our Yandina and Cooroy Factories.

At Yandina we have one of the industry’s most experienced Lab Technicians in Brenda Golby to do our delivery sample assays. Brenda has been in the industry for over 30 years.

Please feel free to contact our liaisons Gavin Lerch on
0437 209107 (Bundaberg) or Chris Fuller on 0427 385 537 (Sunshine Coast, Northern Rivers) to see how they can work with you.