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How to store nuts

The oils in nuts go rancid when exposed to heat, so unless you’ll be eating them up within a month or so, they’ll need to stay cool. To keep nuts in the best condition, store them in an airtight container in the refrigerator or freezer. Nuts can be refrigerated up to 4 months and frozen […]

What type of nuts are you?

Brand new product range in store, just in time to make perfect gifts! What type of nut are you? was designed to be a quirky and fun product range. The types of nuts are Happy Nut, Fun Nut, Family Nut and Sweet Nut. So, What Type of Nut Are You? View the product range, click here

New wisdom of nut allergies and infants

For decades, new parents have been told to baby-proof their home for common allergens like peanuts and pet dander. But what if you should be allergy-proofing your baby instead? There’s growing evidence to support the idea that exposing babies to allergens early on may be a legitimate way to prevent allergies later in life. Multiple […]

Nut consumption and heart health are linked

The findings of a major Australian research study were released this week and it’s fantastic news for the nut industry. High quality scientific evidence has confirmed that regular nut consumption is associated with reduced risk of death from heart disease and a reduction in heart disease risk factors. For all the facts and figures, make […]