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Macadamia Kernel Style Guide

Style 0

Perfect for gourmet snacks

Mix is Minimum 95% Super Premium Whole Kernels larger than 20mm

Style 1

For the perfect chocolate-coated treat

Mix is Mimimum 90% Premium Whole Kernel size greater than 18mm

Style 2

The most popular snack nut

Premium Wholes and Halves A 50/50 mix in which pieces are greater than 14mm

Style 4

Ideal for bakery items, macadamia ice-cream, confectionery and fine foods

Mix is Minimum 80% Premium Halves between 10mm-14mm

Style 6

Great for bakery items and garnishes

Premium Chips Mix are pieces between 6mm-10mm

Style 7

Great for confectionery, ice-cream, baking, toppings and cooking

Premium Small Chips Mix are pieces between 3mm-6mm