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Contract Manufacturing Services

With nearly 30 years’ experience in manufacturing our own products we have the knowledge, the know-how and the equipment to assist other businesses in need of a manufacturer to support their growth.

We can help with roasting, flavouring, chocolate coating, packing, labelling and new product development.

Contact the sales department on or phone 07 5472 7777 to find out if we can help you with your requirements.


Bring out the best of nature’s flavours with a carefully controlled roasting process. 


Spicy, sweet or salty – the choices are endless when it comes to creating a taste sensation that matches the dreams you have for your product. If this is something you are looking for, we’re here to help. 

Chocolate Development

Some might say everything tastes better coated in chocolate. Drawing on our own experience with premium macadamia products we have mastered the art of chocolate panning and now proudly offer that service to other businesses looking to add a sweet touch to their creations.


We offer hand packing, machine packing, form fill and seal packing services to customers looking for a professional presentation for their products.

Private Label

Share in the benefits of our premium products with a private labelling solution that lets you share your company’s message with your clients, right on the package. Each tasty treat will be a reminder of the benefits of the client relationships you’ve worked so hard to build. 

New Product Development

Finding new ways to surprise and delight our customers is in our DNA. We’re always experimenting, and we know the next big thing is yet to be discovered. 

We love nothing more than taking the knowledge gained through decades of developing our premium Australian macadamia experience and working with partners to help them develop the products that will maximise their results in their markets. 

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