Mango, Macadamia and Coconut Trifle

A delicious refreshing summer delight!!



4 big fresh mangoes, skin removed, sliced
1 & ½ cups Nutworks Butter Candy Macadamias
500ml Maleny Dairies cream
1 tub CoYo yoghurt
500ml custard
2 x packets mango jelly
2 x packets jam rollettes
1 tablespoon Buderim Ginger cordial
Shredded coconut
Trifle bowl or container


1. Make up jelly according to packet directions, set and cool
2. Whip cream until only just whipped
3. Line base of trifle container with a layer of sliced rollettes, press down to make a firm base drizzle with Buderim ginger cordial
4. Slice rollettes into circles
5. Arrange layers of ingredients in trifle container on top of base i.e custard followed by a thin layer of coconut, then a layer of sliced mango, then cream, then a sprinkling of macadamia nuts, then jelly, then rollettes and so on
6. Refrigerate to set

•Serve in a clear decorative bowl for a gorgeous table centrepiece
•Make individual ones in decorative clear glasses for entertaining
•Use ginger wine instead of ginger cordial
Toddler Tips
•Serve a small amount with lots of fresh mango