Macadamia Peach Parfait

This delicious dessert is easy to make and a favourite at dinner parties. Try using fresh peaches when they are season to add a great fresh flavour to the dessert. With all the fruit, it could almost be good for you. Serve in a fancy cocktail glass to impress your family and friends!

  • SERVES 6


1 Cup of raw or honey roasted macadamias (halves and pieces)
1 Cup of fresh ricotta cheese
1 Cup (250g) FRUCHE (try vanilla or peach and mango)
1 Teaspoon orange flower water or vanilla
2 Tablespoons icing sugar
3 Cups sliced fresh or canned drained peaches
1/2 Cup honey-roasted Macadamias (extra)


Using electric beaters, whip together the ricotta, fruche, orange blossom water and sugar until thick and fluffy. In parfait glasses, or a large serving dish, place a layer of the peaches, top with some of the ricotta mixture and sprinkle with the roasted macadamias, Repeat, making as many layers as desired and finishing with the ricotta. Sprinkle top with the chopped honey-roasted macadamias.
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