Macadamia and Honey Chicken Satay Kebabs

Nice and easy take on satay kebabs using Nutworks Macadamia Paste

  • SERVES 4


1/2 Onion (very finely chopped)
2 cloves Garlic (crushed)
1/4 small Red Capsicums (very finely chopped)
1 teaspn Chilli Harvest Chilli Paste (if desired)
2tbs Honey
150g  Macadamia Paste
1 Lime rind, and juice
12 Plain Chicken Kebabs
4tbs Macadamia Oil


Satay sauce:
1. Heat oil in pan at 180degreesC. Fry onion, garlic, and capsicum until cooked all the way through.

2. Remove from heat and stir in the macadamia paste & honey.

3. Add chilli (if desired) lime juice, and lime rind. Stir well to form a sauce.

4. Reserve some of the sauce for dipping when serving. Marinate chicken kebabs in rest of satay, and place in the fridge for 1 hour.

5. Grill or BBQ on high for approximately 7 minutes on each side.

6. Serve with left over dipping sauce and a cucumber salad. (to create a main meal serve with rice also)
Recipe Source: Nutworks Recipe

Recipe ID: 3263399