Garlic and Galliano Cream Prawns

Tasty and easy dish either to start your meal off or as the main feature of your dinner party



500g Green Prawns (peeled)
30ml Galliano
250ml Thickened Cream
1 cup Jasmin Rice
1 pkt. Pappadums
½ cup Garlic Infused Macadamia Oil


1. Marinate the green prawns in ½ cup of garlic infused oil for ½ hour in the fridge.

2. Fry prawns in a fry pan at 180 degrees C until they just change colour.

3. Cook the Jasmine rice.

4. Add Galliano and allow liquid to reduce slightly.

5. Add cream.

6. Reduce heat and simmer until the cream forms a thick sauce consistency.

7. Place pappadums in the microwave for 1 minute on high.

8. Serve the prawns on a bed of rice with pappadums on the side.
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