Uses of Macadamia Butter

Uses of Macadamia Butter

Peanut Butter, Nutella and Vegemite are your common breakfast spreads. But what about Macadamia Butter?

Macadamia Butter is delicious, healthy and versatile. Macadamias are great for cholesterol levels. They contain protein, high amounts of fibre, lots of vitamin E and are rich in beneficial fats. Macadamia are great for the kids as  they have an instant energy boosting levels and brain boosting qualities to start the day off. A balanced diet containing macadamias promotes good health, longevity and a reduction in degenerative diseases.

Macadamia Butter is so versatile in many different recipes. Use as a dip with crackers, use as a stir-fry base, use as a curry paste to add that extra nutty flavour or in satay's and marinades.

So go and mix it up and give it a try.

See some recipes below to try out: