OFFICIAL MEDIA RELEASE - Nutworks Fire July 2014

OFFICIAL MEDIA RELEASE - Nutworks Fire July 2014


08 July 2014

Fire at Nutworks

This morning at roughly 8am, a fire broke out in the Nutworks Roasting Room in Yandina.

No-one was hurt as the building was evacuated as soon as the blaze broke out and fire authorities were contacted. “Everyone got out safely and was accounted for,” reports Nicole Keoghan, Marketing Coordinator of Nutworks. “Due to regular fire drills and fire evacuation plans in place, the staff knew exactly how to act.”

Just before 9am, the fire was completely put out; however the machinery reportedly was still ‘smouldering’.

Johnson Francis was the staff member on duty in the roasting room at the time of the incident. As soon as he noticed smoke coming from the roasting machine, he immediately turned all power sources off, however by the time he reached for the fire extinguisher the smoke was too much. He immediately evacuated the room as well as all the other staff in the building. Shortly after the fire authorities arrived.

Most the factory staff was relieved for the day and the Nutworks Retail Store was closed.

The investigation and clean-up has now begun with an estimated $50,000 worth of damage to the roasting room itself. At this stage the cause is still unknown. With the quick thinking from staff and the reaction of the fire authorities the damage was contained to one area of the building.

Nutworks Management believe that the roasting room will not be out of action for too long and all other departments of Nutworks will be back tomorrow carrying on business like normal.

The Nutworks Retail Shop however will be closed tomorrow and hopefully reopening on Thursday 10th of July.

For more information please contact:
Nicole Keoghan
37 Pioneer Rd, Yandina Q 4561
Ph. 07 5472 7777 E: