Nutworks Cosmetic Range

Nutworks Cosmetic Range

Nutworks has a wide range of brilliant cosmetics for purchase. The ranges are:

- Matakana Valley Range - The Matakana Valley Range combined fresh fig, light vanilla and gentle peach with a subtle macadamia fragrance to create the beloved aroma.
- Macadamia Naturals - The Macadamia Naturals range is uniquely natural, fragrance free and above all, gentle on sensitive skin
- Maine Beach - Inspired by nature’s finest gifts, Maine Beach’s range of Organic Macadamia body care is made of rich oil ingredients derived from the indigenous macadamia nut and infused with a soft, nutty fragrance of Vanilla bean and Musk
- Australian Oils- The Australia Oils range use natural ingredients to help moisturise and soften skin from the effects of every-day life. Their unique blends are specially formulated to provide ease of application and a non-greasy after-feel.

Macadamia Oil Information
This magical oil is the closest of plant origin to that of the pH of our skin. It is also the highest in monosaturated fatty acids (80 %), which provide superior moisturising qualities particularly for very dry or damaged skin.
Another key ingredient is palmitoleic acid, which promotes soft and supple skin. It has been described as “vanishing oil” due to its rapid absorption, non-clogging and non-irritating qualities.
Macadamia oil is also great for cooking, read more here

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