Matakana Valley Cosmetic Range

Matakana Valley Cosmetic Range

Matakana Valley New Zealand

JUST 40 MINUTES NORTH OF AUCKLAND lies the picturesque Matakana wine region, the home of over 30 boutique vineyards, olive groves, restaurants and the famous Matakana Village and Farmers’ Market featuring locally grown food and produce. This is where the the new Matakana Cosmetic Range now stocked by Nutworks in Australia is from. 

At these very markets locals came across Henk and Cheryl who grow macadamia nuts locally. Recognising the wonderful benefits of Macadamia Oil has on the skin it was not long before they were discussing how to extract the pure oil for this unique new range. Following much research they located someone with a press that would be suitable to press Macadamias. With some further experimenting they were soon producing New Zealand’s first pure Macadamia Oil. Soon they were blending it with other unique ingredients to create a range which assists to soothe and nourish the skin.

Matakana Valley Shampoo and Conditioner
The moisturising shampoo is enriched with pure Macadamia Oil inspired by the lush Matakana region providing a precious oil rich in vitamins and minerals to gently cleanse the hair and preserve its natural moisture balance. The moisturising conditioner is enriched with pure Macadamia Oil from the Matakana region providing a precious oil rich in vitamins A & F to nourish and restore dry and damaged hair.
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Matakana Valley Cosmetic Range
The Matakana Valley Range combined fresh fig, light vanilla and gentle peach with a subtle macadamia fragrance to create the beloved aroma.
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Macadamia Oil Information
This magical oil is the closest of plant origin to that of the pH of our skin.
It is also the highest in monosaturated fatty acids (80 %), which provide superior moisturising qualities particularly for very dry or damaged skin.
Another key ingredient is palmitoleic acid, which promotes soft and supple skin.
It has been described as “vanishing oil” due to its rapid absorption, non-clogging and non-irritating qualities.
Macadamia oil is also create for cooking, read more here

Sniff Boxes
This very unique product has been created to assist in providing aromatherapy solutions for today’s busy life styles. Each Sniff Box contains “aroma beads” which have been infused with a special aromatherapy blend. The actual blends have been created by Mary Wakefield one of New Zealand’s leading qualified aromatherapists.

The sniff boxes are at the leading edge of a new and innovative way of providing aromatherapy benefits. The unique essential oil blends created have been infused into the special “Aroma Beads” located in the base of the “sniff box”. Simply open the lid, place directly under the nose and take a few deep breaths to receive aromatherapy benefits. Once a sniff box has been opened they will remain functional for 6-9 months .

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