Macadamia Season 2015 at Nutworks

Macadamia Season 2015 at Nutworks

The macadamia season has commenced and now that the nuts have been harvested it is time to crack, sort and roast. As ‘nutoholics’ we might know how to indulge in these delicious nuts, but we may not know the route the nut takes from tree to mouth.

Processing of the Macadamia nut began early in Australia with enthusiasts cracking the nuts by hand, but thanks to technology we can now crack the macadamias tough outer casing without damaging the precious kernel within. The Macadamia plantations are centred in Northern New South Wales and South Eastern Queensland which provides them with high annual rainfalls and rich soils that are needed to provide maximum growth.

Macadamia trees grow slowly to heights of 12-15 metres. They have shiny dark thick leaves and long racemes of sweet smelling flowers of white or pink blossoms. The raceme produce from four to fifteen 'nutlets' which eventually mature into Nuts. The Nuts grow encased in a hard woody shell which is protected by a green-brown fibrous husk. Nuts fall to the ground each year between March and September, but are harvested at regular times by pin wheel harvester.

The fibrous outer green husk of the Macadamia nut is removed within 24 hours of harvest to reduce heat respiration and to facilitate drying. The husk material is recycled as organic garden mulch and the nut in shell is sent to the commercial processors. Drying is a critical step in the macadamia processing chain, it maximises shelf life and assures quality of the end product. The harvest finds Nuts with moisture content of up to 30%. Drying can take up to 3 weeks and finally reduces the moisture content to around 1.5%. The nut shrinks away from the inside of the shell and allows the shells to be cracked without damaging the nuts.

Nutworks Macadamia Factory’s Australian Macadamias are ripened by the tropical Queensland sun, harvested and are vacuum packed immediately for fresh quality guaranteed products, sealing in flavour and healthy goodness to enjoy in your recipes and snacks.

The Macadamia Nut is grown on local farms and transported to Nutworks processing plant. From our visitor viewing area see the nuts being machine cracked, sorted by hand for quality assurance and then packaged for retail and wholesale customers.

In our visitor viewing area we offer an informative Video Show for those who wish to take a closer look at this amazing nut!

The popularity of this delicious nut has for some time now been incorporated into gourmet dishes worldwide and become a very popular raw natural snack. And with a complex process as this it has certainly earned itself the title ‘the finest nut in the world’.